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in spite,I fight, for my memories ,for enemies, cause neither are friend to me, my past is full of hate an haters, cheerleaders and skaters, somethings you wish to forget,an some you regret, but i bet you would never know, that i own my life to another, a woman, my mother, she sacrificed,an shared many loveless nights, fighting for me, fighting for we, im talking about you jen, cause you remember when, when we use to walk in the snow at two a.m. , all because of him, but we stood together no matter the weather, we family , brought closer by tragedy. even with a broken home and a heart of stone , she showed us how to love, not to fight an shove but to love, oh grandma if you could see her now , she would make you proud, an as you sit on those clouds, jus watch over us, cause its not only us, we have a few plus, our family is growing, an your spirit is glowing , like a candle in the night, your are the only light, we look for ……. Its funny how times have changed, but we stay the same, how we went different ways, with no one to blame, but ourselves, So we look at pictures on the shelves, an wonder, whats gonna happen tomorrow, will i be six ft under, or struck down by thunder, oh i mean lightning,tho its quiet frighting,thinking we could die, with no reason why, but that’s life, a simple knife could end it all, so its your call, change your path, or pick a cell, four walls they call hell….. pick up a pen, an think of when, when we use to ride, on the east side, Daytona beach, a famous beach, but just a playground to us kids, with our shady CD’s an backwards lids, baggy pants an crazy ant’s, Kim an Dawn, well those days are long gone,but our memories will live on…….. RDY
here’s to thinkin, rollin up stinkin,better stop lookin,cause your girl blinkin,at me,bitch please,hit knee,an catch skeeezeee,i wouldnt waste,time or space,to fill you waste,so hows this taste,come with me,wat can it be,oh its me,baby,so maybe,you should think quick,cause this shit stick,an its real think,so im a real prick,just smile an lick,the end of my …… , oh no ,dont go ,an show,that ,there,cause you might just scare,all the parents every where,so read it if you dare,cause i dont care,or scare,i bare it all on my sleeve,so haters leave,an lady breath,im done teasin,unless you pleasen,or be skeezen,an everyone you pleasen,cause that foul nigga,an ill pull the trigger,dont ever figure,that you bigger,casue ill level the field,an a 45 i weild,so get filled,get killed,shot up,an drilled,make my day,an my night ,i dont play,and dead dont fight RDY
hit rewind,im behind,defined as,a spass,so pass,that grass,i puff,an puff,its ruff,reall ruff,its been a while,but like style,im changing,cageing,re-arranging,my mind,to find,that bind,that tangle,or mangle,in the stable,gotta whip the slate clean,figure out why im mean,why i quit skating and smoke green,im rock bottom,but top bottom,shot droppin,not stoppin,baby save me,baby crave me,dont disobey me,an ill set you free,cause baby,you drive me crazy RDY
You stole mine at first glance,as if this was a dance,Baby your leading the way,im speechless with nothing to say,be qentil an kind,an keep in mind, that your holding my heart,so never let it part .. where are you going,your practically glowing,are those feelings showing,cause to me one heart you’re oweing … RDY
Even tho i cant save the world from disaster, that don’t make me a heartless bastard ,Like road warrior call me master blaster,cause i chase the world screamin faster faster,everything can change over one lie, an you can hurt but not cry,be alive an truly die inside,but you cant change if you don’t try RDY

its 5 o’clock in the morning, an the silence got boring,but my minds still soaring,an your still snoreing,so i had to leave,to make you believe,that fairytales end,an were just friends,so back to my bed room,cause its about to be dawn soon,an you’ve got work soon,but at noon, call me bae, jus to say,hey, an let me know your okay,

stop by on your way home,the keys under the gnome,you know your way up the stares,come any time no one cares, ill be alone,waiting by my phone,but come five oclock in the morning,if waiting gets boring,ill be callin,lonely fallin,for your suduction,for love an affection,if its just for a minunte,just let me up in it,baby im feenin,baby im leanin,an if you let me,youll be happy you met me easin your mind ,as we bump an grind..

but now i sittin alone,wishing i was home,or you would pick up the phone,an there was a tone,i could hear your voice,have you made your choice, cause id like to rejoice, celebrate your choice, thats if its me,but who else could it be,if its not me,that i don’t see, how you made this decision,cause my future had a vision, an this is a head on collision,my heart jus died with your decision,to have you i must,i thought we had trust,love not lust,my shattered heart is now dust,

so as it floats away,this is all ill say, goodbye my love, its okay, i understand,i cant be your man,but ill always be a fan,an one promise i can..i can keep,that when i sleep, ill be dreaming of you,an theres nothing i can do ,cause this love is true,an baby im stuck like glue,…so iill jus wait here,right here, until its all clear,an my heart reappears,cause with all these tears, i cant see where im going,but dont worry im growning,learning about not knowing, an how to keep my emotions from showing

Me,My self, an I 

Me,My self, an I 



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